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Meng Qi's Highlighted in Semiconductor Today!
A state-of-the-art design of GaN p-n junction diodes that has resulted in near-unity ideality factor, avalanche breakdown capability, and record-breaking power performance. Insets show a GaN p-n diode fabricated on a high-quality bulk GaN substrate and light emission from the junction under forward bias.  CREDIT: Zongyang Hu
Work by Zongyang Hu highlighted!

Highlighted by Applied Physics Letters, Zongyang Hu's work on Building blocks for GaN power switches can be found here:

Congrats to Bo!

11/2015: Bo's recent work together with IQE is featured on line.
Reducing current leakage in aluminium gallium nitride transistors on silicon

Mingda Zhu's work featured

03/2015: Mingda Zhu's work on GaN kV diodes has been featured by Semiconductor-Today.

Rusen receives award

02/2015: Rusen received the 2014 NIST Uncertainty Analysis Student Award at EMC.

"ohmic contacts to layered crystals"

12/2014: Profs. Debdeep Jena and Grace Xing wrote a Nature view article on ohmic contacts to layered crystals.

Prof. Xing named

10/2014: Prof. Xing named a Richard E. Lunquist Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow of ECE at Cornell University.

"taking the flat materials to new heights"

09/2014: Prof. Xing led a team to win the NSF EFRI-2DARE project. See NSF's announcement on "taking the flat materials to new heights".

Zongyang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats!

07/2014: Zongyang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats!


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