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Shyam Bharadwaj won the Best Paper Award!

Congratulations to Shyam Bharadwaj for winning the Best Paper Award at the Device Research Conference 2017!

Congratulations to Professor Jena!

Congratulations to Professor Jena for having been elected as a Fellow of APS!

Congratulations to Kristin Kurz!

Congratulations to our group's administrative assistant, Kristin Kurz! She will be moving on to be the Events and Office Coordinator at the Cornell Public Service Center!
Thank you for having supported the group the past 2 years! We will still call you across campus!

2017 Frank and Rosa Rhodes Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Vineeta Muthuraj, a recipient of the 2017 Frank and Rosa Rhodes Scholarship!

Young Scientist Award Winner!

Congratulations to Kevin Lee for winning a Young Scientist Award at the International Workshop on UV Materials and Devices 2017!

Congratulations to SM (Moudud) Islam for being featured by Semiconductor Today!

Photo of SM Moududal Islam    Congratualtion to SM (Moudud) Islam for being featured by Semiconductor Today!
   Please check out the Semiconductor Today article or read the full paper!


Congratulations to Wenshen Li, Zongyang Hu, Kazuki Nomoto, and the team for presenting the following 4 DRC late news papers, Henryk Turski and Shyam Bharadwaj for presenting DRC papers!

- Wenshen Li et al. "600 V GaN vertical V-trench MOSFET with MBE regrown channel”, the first high breakdown vertical GaN transistor using MBE grown device active layers."
- Zongyang Hu et al. "GaN vertical nanowire and fin power MISFETs”, the first vertical NW GaN FETs with high breakdown."
- Zongyang Hu et al. "Vertical fin Ga2O3 field-effect transistors with on/off ratio >109”, the first vertical Ga2O3 transistor with high breakdown."
- Kazuki Nomoto et al. "Wide-bandgap Gallium Nitride p-channel MISFETs with enhanced performance at high temperature”, the first Mg-doped GaN p-MISFETs."
- Henryk Turski et al. "S-shaped negative differential resistance in III-nitride blue quantum-well laser diodes grown by plasma-assisted MBE."
- Shyam Bharadwaj et al. "High-temperature p-type polarization doped AlGaN cladding for sub-250 nm deep-UV quantum well LEDs by MBE."

Congratulations to Zongyang Hu and the Power team

Congratulations to Zongyang Hu and the Power team!
Claiming the highest breakdown voltage so far for regrown vertical GaN p-n diodes [Zongyang Hu et al, IEEE Electron Device Letters, published online 29 June 2017].
“This is the first high-voltage vertical regrown p-n junction ever reported in the GaN system,”

Check out the news story on Semiconductor Today!

  Congrats to Yongjin Cho on having his work featured by Semiconductor Today!


Congratulations to Yongjin Cho being Editor's Pick

Congratulations to Yongjin for being Applied Physics Letters Editor's Pick! Please find the article here.


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