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Kazuki's 1.7 kV avalanche diodes published in EDL featured by Semiconductor Today
Figure 1: Schematic cross-sections of GaN p-n junction diodes: (left) without passivation/field plates and (right) with field plates.
Zongyang Hu's Paper Highlighted

Check out Zongyang Hu's paper that's been highlighted in Semiconductor Today and published in Applied Physics Letters!

Meng Qi's Highlighted in Semiconductor Today!
A state-of-the-art design of GaN p-n junction diodes that has resulted in near-unity ideality factor, avalanche breakdown capability, and record-breaking power performance. Insets show a GaN p-n diode fabricated on a high-quality bulk GaN substrate and light emission from the junction under forward bias.  CREDIT: Zongyang Hu
Work by Zongyang Hu highlighted!

Highlighted by Applied Physics Letters, Zongyang Hu's work on Building blocks for GaN power switches can be found here:

Congrats to Bo!

11/2015: Bo's recent work together with IQE is featured on line.
Reducing current leakage in aluminium gallium nitride transistors on silicon

Mingda Zhu's work featured

03/2015: Mingda Zhu's work on GaN kV diodes has been featured by Semiconductor-Today.

Rusen receives award

02/2015: Rusen received the 2014 NIST Uncertainty Analysis Student Award at EMC.

"ohmic contacts to layered crystals"

12/2014: Profs. Debdeep Jena and Grace Xing wrote a Nature view article on ohmic contacts to layered crystals.

Prof. Xing named

10/2014: Prof. Xing named a Richard E. Lunquist Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow of ECE at Cornell University.

"taking the flat materials to new heights"

09/2014: Prof. Xing led a team to win the NSF EFRI-2DARE project. See NSF's announcement on "taking the flat materials to new heights".


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