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"ohmic contacts to layered crystals"

12/2014: Profs. Debdeep Jena and Grace Xing wrote a Nature view article on ohmic contacts to layered crystals.

Prof. Xing named

10/2014: Prof. Xing named a Richard E. Lunquist Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow of ECE at Cornell University.

"taking the flat materials to new heights"

09/2014: Prof. Xing led a team to win the NSF EFRI-2DARE project. See NSF's announcement on "taking the flat materials to new heights".

Zongyang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats!

07/2014: Zongyang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats!

Dr. Xing named the Young Scientist Awardee at the ISCS 2014.
Rusen received the Excellent Oversea Chinese Student Fellowship. Congrats!

12/04/2013: Grace Xing receives U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy grant

09/2013: Ronghua's last paper as a graduate student has been accepted by IEDM.

09/2013: Rusen's paper to IRMMW-THz was elevated to Invited. He was also selected as one of the six finalists for the Best Student Presentation Award for IRMMW-THz 2013. He received a runner up award.

05/2013: Dr. Xing has been promoted to full professor.

05/2013: Berardi won the Shaheen award, the highest honor bestowed on Notre Dame graduate students

04/2013: Ronghua and Berardi defended their Ph.D. dissertations.

03/2013: Berardi has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor offer from University of Utah.

03/2013: Berardi was awarded the 1st place of the Engineering Division at the GSU Symposium 2013 at ND.

03/2013: Ronghua joined Transphorm, CA.

02/2013: Ronghua's achievement of highest balanced ft/fmax in InAlGaN barrier GaN HEMTs has been featured by Semiconductor-Today. This is the 3rd piece of work first-authored by Ronghua that has been featured by Semiconductor-Today.

02/2013: Ronghua's APEX paper on InGaN HEMTs has been selected a SPOTLIGHTs work by the APEX editorial board.

2013: Postdoc positions available now to explore nanoelectronics for the next generation switch (job posting link below) and THz (please refer to the Research page for background, send resumes to Dr. Xing).

01/2013: LEAST center has been announced.  The gist of LEAST reported by the local TV station:  

01/2013: Ronghua's work on InGaN channel GaN HEMTs has been featured by Semiconductor-Today.


12/2012: Guangle presented the record performance of tunnel FETs at IEDM, fabricated using a heterostructure with broken gap or Type-III energy band alignment for the first time.

12/2012: Rusen won the best post award at TeraNano 2012.

11/2012: both Jia and Guangle succesffully defended their PhD dissertations. Congrats to Dr. Jia and Dr. Zhou!

10/2012: our graphene THz work featured by NSF at LiveScience.

10/2012, Ronghua Won a Best Paper Award at IWN, Sapporo.

10/2012, Dr. Xing was featured at the home football game (UND vs BYU).

10/2012: Berardi's APL is included to the special edition (50th Anniversary) ofApplied Physics Letters’ “Editor’s Picks”.

9/2012: Berardi won the Best Student Presentation award at IRMMW-THz 2012, held at Wollongong, Australia

9/2012: Jia joined On Semiconductor and Guangle joined ScanDisk.

8/2012: Rusen, stationed at NIST, has added an exciting twist using graphene for a well-established technique: Internal Photoemission (IPE).  Here is a news release from NIST.

6/2012: news release on Yuanzheng's 370 GHz GaN HEMTs.

6/2012: Bo presented a DRC late news on ft/fmax of 225/250 GHz Emode GaN HEMTs in collaboration with Triquint Semiconductor.

6/2012: Berardi's abstract to IRMMW-THz has been accepted and upgraded to an invited talk.

4/2012: Rusen's APL paper on band alignment of graphene/SiO2/Si determined by IPE is accepted

4//2012: Berardi's graphene THz modulator work appeared on line in Nature Communications.

Here is the Notre Dame news release

Another one from online

US Navy Rides the Terahertz Wave to Next-Gen Electronics

4/2012: Dr. Kazuki Nomoto from Japan, Mingda Zhu joined our group.

4/2012: Guowang's first strained GaN QW HEMTs were covered by Semiconductor Today.

3/2012: Tian graduated with his PhD and joined First Solar, Toledo.

3/2012: Yuanzheng claimed record high ft in GaN HEMTs: 370 GHz ft.  EDL will appear soon.

1/2012: Vishwanath joined the group.


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