Alumni Undergraduate & RET Researchers

Alumni Undergraduate and RET Researchers

Ava Tan

ECE '16, Cornell

Barbara Raynal

(EE 2011, University of Notre Dame)

Now with Duke University

Bihan Zhu

(Physics, EE, class 2014)

Ian Evans

(B.S. 2009, currently B.S. in Economics at ND)

Jason Kulick (B.S. 2009, currently President, Co-Founder of Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC)

Ian Lightcap

(RET, 2005) - Clay High School, South Bend
Co-advised with D. Jena
•Project: Nanoscale imaging of semiconductors

Now with University of Notre Dame, PhD candidate in Chemistry

Jane Fleming

(B.S. expected in May 2011, Dual Degree Program at St. Mary’s College and University of Notre Dame

Now with CocaCola

John Weisenberger

(EE, class 2015)

Katrina Magno

(Physics, class 2015)

Kevin Burke

(2011) - University of Notre Dame / co-advised with Prof. M. Kelly
•Project - Chemical vapor deposition growth of bilayer graphene

Mark Prochaska

(RET, 2010) - Clay High School, South Bend, IN
•Project: ICP-Reactive ion etching of Al2O3

Phil Cook

(RET, 2011) - Culver Academy, Indiana
•Summer 2008 - Project: Semiconductor ion sensitive field-effect transistors
•Summer 2009 - Project: Graphene preparation and characterization
•Summer 2010 - Project: Comparative study on CVD and epi grapheme using scanning Kelvin probe measurements