Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Photo of Hyunjea Lea
Hyunjea Lee

Hyunjea works on 2D materials-based devices and applications.

Jashan Singhal

Jashan Singhal received the B.Tech. degree in electrical engineering and a minor in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India. While at IIT Bombay, he worked on III-V quantum dot heterostructures.

Jeffrey Miller

Jeff Miller earned his BS in electrical engineering from Penn State University, before immediately starting at Cornell in fall 2017. While at Penn State, he researched luminescent concentrators in the Applied Optoelectronics and Photonics Lab.

Jimy Encomendero

Jimy works on RTD-gated plasma-wave THz devices.

John Wright

John works on advanced nitride materials.

Photo of Jonathan McCandless
Jonathan McCandless

Jon McCandless earned his BS in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve. Before coming to Cornell he worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory where he focused on Ga2O3.  

Joseph Casamento

Joseph earned his B.S in Materials Science Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2016. As an undergraduate, Joseph worked primarily with inorganic semiconductors for thermoelectric and spintronic applications. His current research interests include thin film growth and characterization of novel nitride and oxide materials for use in semiconductor device structures and beyond.  

Mingda (Oscar) Li

Mingda is interested in 2D materials, Tunnel Field Effect Transistors, and machine learning/deep learning. He developed a 2D device simulator ( and a device compact modeling platform using artificial neural networks (

Nicholas Tanen

Nicholas Tanen is a PhD student in the department of Materials Science and Engineering. He studies MBE growth of Ga2O3 and related ternaries as well as III-N's grown on Ga2O3 for use in power electronic and optoelectronic applications. Additionally, he studies electron transport in oxides using temperature dependent Hall measurements and scattering mechansim models.

Photo of Reet Chaudhuri
Reet Chaudhuri

Reet studies the MBE growth and characterization of III-nitrides electronic devices for high power applications, focussing on AlN platform. He did his Bachelors from NIT Tiruchhirapalli (India) and Masters (Applied Physics) from Cornell. Outside the MBE lab, he also manages the group soccer team - TeamFET.

Sam Bader

Sam develops and models advanced III-Nitride heterostructures, with a focus on p-channel devices.

Shyam Bharadwaj

Shyam currently processes III-N LED devices and studies transport in AlGaN-based n- and p- doped thin films to optimize the UV LED cladding regions. His interests include increasing EQE in UV LED structures and developing deep UV lasers. He is from New Jersey and enjoys playing soccer and video games in his free time.

Wenshen Li
Wenshen Li

Wenshen works on advanced GaN devices.

Photo of Xiang Li
Xiang Li

Xiang researches GaN HEMTS with ferroelectric gate stack.

Zexuan Zhang

Zexuan Zhang graduated from Peking University in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in microelectronics, where he worked on silicon device reliability. His current research interest at Cornell is on non-reciprocal wave propagation devices by fermionic emulation and exceptional point physics as well as reliability of advanced materials such as Ga2O3.