Master Students

Master Students

Andrew Devine

Andrew Devine, MS, earned his BS in Materials Science & Engineering from Cornell University in 2017. His current interests involve the growth and simulation of high quality distributed Bragg reflectors for deep-UV optoelectronics applications.

Anni Wu

(2017-2018 MEng, MSE)

Anni works on advanced GaN devices nanofabrication with Wenshen Li.

Connor Dempsey

Connor Dempsey, MEng, is interested in 2D materials and is currently characterizing the superconducting properties of Niobium Diselenide.

Jae Ho Shin

Jae Ho Shin, MS, MSE, works on nanotechnologies.

Photo of Jui-Yuan Hsu
Jui-Yuan (Steven) Hsu

(2017-2019 M.S., MSE)

Steven earned his B.S. in Materials Science from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), where he studied the effects of thin film metallic glass coatings on surgical appliances. He is currently working on advanced GaN devices to develop the metal mask for GaN etching and selective area regrowth.


Ren Zhong

Ren is interested on theoretical calculations of thin film materials. He is now focusing on the simulation of Ga2O3 growth.

Photo of Vasanth Balakrishnan
Vasanth Balakrishnan

(2017-2019 M.S. MSE)

Vasanth earned his B.Tech (Honors) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India where he studied the structure property correlation in aluminum alloys. He is currently a Master of Science student in the department of Materials Science and Engineering. He studies MBE growth and characterization of Ga2O3 and related ternaries power electronic applications. Outside the lab, he is involved in Lattice MSE GPSA, Spicmacay and Asha Cornell and enjoys playing chess in his free time. Email: