Our current group research can be loosely grouped into three areas: GaN electronics and optoelectronics, steep transistors, and 2-D crystals. The semiconductors we work closely with include GaN, convential III-Vs, Si, graphene and other 2-D crystals.

1. Representative publications on GaN electronics

Publications resulted from the ARPAe-SWITCHES project:

* Dr. Xing, invited talk at DRC 2015 on how to harness polarization in GaN for power elctronics. Abstract: pdf, Presentation: pdf

* Kazuki Nomoto et al, GaN avalanche p-n diodes from 1kV to 3.4 kV: pdf#1  pdf#2

* Zongyang Hu et al, ideal GaN p-n junctions with record figure-of-merit of 16 GW/cm2: pdf

* Bo Song et al, ultra-low leakage in AlGaN-on-Si HEMTs: mechanisms and behavior: pdf

* Mingda Zhu et al, 1.9 GaN Schottky barrier diodes on Si: pdf

Publications resulted from the DARPA-NEXT project: 

* Dr. Xing, invited talk at IWN 2012, Powerpoint Presentation: Can GaN HEMTs reach 1 THz?: pdf

* Dr. Xing, invited talk at TWHM 2011 Abstract: pdf Powerpoint Presentation: pdf

* Jia Guo et al., the problem of ohmic contacts to GaN HEMTs has been solved using ohmic regrowth: pdf

* Yuanzheng Yue et al., record ft of GaN HEMTs: pdf

* Ronghua Wang et al., record ft/fmax of InAlGaN HEMTs: pdf

* Ronghua et al. ohmic contact alloying can lead to dispersion: pdf

2. Representative publications on optoelectronics

* Debdeep Jena et al; [Review] Device Design Opportunities in III-Nitrides (PSSa 2011); pdf

* Moudud Islam et al., cryogenic DUV LEDs (DRC 2015): pdf

* Jai Verma et al, DUV LEDs (APL 2014): pdf

* Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez et al., first graphene THz modulator demonstrated (Nat. Comms 2012): pdf

* Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez et al., RTD-gated plasma wave THz amplifiers proposed (THzTST 2013) pdf

* Rusen Yan et al., novel THz modulators proposed and demonstrated (OE 2012, ACS Photonics 2016): pdf#1 pdf#2

* Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez et al., [Review] Graphene for Reconfigurable Terahertz Optoelectronics (Proc. of IEEE 2013); pdf

3. Representative publications on steep transistors

* Dr. Xing, invited talk at IEDM 2016 on Thin-TFET: from Theory to Applications: pdf [available soon]

* Dr. Xing, invited talks on Secret Ingredients of Thing-TFET: pdf

* Mingda Oscar Li et al, Thin-TFET proposal and benchmark (JEDS 2015): pdf

* Rusen Yan et al., First RT Esaki diode realized in 2D layered materials (NanoLett. 2015): pdf

* Guangle Zhou et al., Type-I band aligned III-V TFETs demonstrated (EDL 2011): pdf

* Guangle Zhou et al., Type-II band aligned III-V TFETs deomstrated (DRC 2011): pdf

* Guangle Zhou et al., Type-III band aligned III-V TFETs demonstrated (IEDM 2012): pdf

4. Representative publications on 2D crystals

* Tian Fang et al., Carrier statistics and quantum capacitance of graphene sheets and ribbons (APL 2007): pdf

* Rusen Yan et al., DUV transparency of graphene enables hole photoemission in internal photoemission (IPE) (APL 2013): pdf

* Suresh Vishwanath et al., Comprehensive structural and optical properties of MBE MoSe2 (J2D 2015): pdf

* Suresh Vishwanath et al., Heterostructures and superlattices of MBE layered crystals (JMR 2016): pdf

* Park & Vishwanath et al., Air exposure effects on MBE WSe2 (ACS Nano 2016): pdf